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1JAVA MP3 Player  v.1.1.0 BetaAudio / Utilities & PluginsFreeFreeware0 Kb
2TMP - Java MP Player  v.3Audio / Media PlayersFreeFreeware173 Kb
3Java MIDI player  v.1.0Audio / MIDIFreeFreeware0 Kb
4Java Music Player  v.1.0Audio / Utilities & PluginsFreeFreeware0 Kb
5JFlashPlayer - Java Flash Player  v.1.7Web Development / Javascript & Java$95.00Demo164 Kb
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1Libxine-java  v.0.7.0Multimedia / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

libxine-java is a Java interface for the xine multimedia player library.

225 Kb
22nd Generation Java Player  v.1.0Development / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

Written in true java (unlike the official Scratch Java player), this Scratch ( java player is designed to be faster, more memory efficient, and be able to be used with 15 different mods, with an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface ...

0 Kb
3Mystic Player  v.1.0Multimedia / VideoFreeFreewareDetail

Mystic Player is an Audio/Video player made in java using java swings. It has most of the features of the popularly used winamp player.

0 Kb
4JNetTeamPlayer  v.1.0Audio / Utilities & PluginsFreeFreewareDetail

Client/server based team player is java player which can be controlled over the network by everybody in the room. Entirely written in Java, tested on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Based on Java Zoom JL libraries.

0 Kb
5Soundbot  v.0.1-rc2Multimedia / Miscellaneous-SharewareDetail

soundbot is a Java based graphical sound player.

481 Kb
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1DOS-Modplayer  v.1.9Audio / Media PlayersFreeFreeware30 Kb

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2WinMod  v.1.4Audio / Media Players-GPL172 Kb

daniel, quippy, lemgo, javamod, winmod, dosmod, javamod-player, modplayer, java, assembler, applet, html, player, windows, dos, taketracker, mod, s3m, nst, wow, wav, midi, mp3, m3u, pls

3Mangle-It Java Source Code Obfuscator  v.2.1.1Development / Databases & Networks$69.99Shareware1.91 Mb

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4Open Subtitles MKV Player  v. / Media Players-Shareware10.2 Mb
5JComponentPack Professional Edition  v. / Components & Libraries$399.00Shareware104 Kb

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